Ep 8: Full Stack or Nah?

On today’s short yet sweet episode, we get into the odd back and forth about the role of a full stack engineer, what it actually means, and if it is even an achievable role.

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Transcript: http://bit.ly/fullstack-transcript

Ep 7: Coding Interviews Are HARD

Coding interviews are hard… really hard! Let’s dive into why they are so hard and the resources that you will need to get through it.

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Cracking the Coding Interview: https://www.amazon.com/Cracking-Coding-Interview-Programming-Questions/dp/0984782850

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Ep 6: Y’all Don’t Deserve Us

Women of color go out of their way every day in technology to educate the community in the ongoing oppression and aggression that happen every day. Y’all need to do better.

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Ep 5: LEEEEROOYYYY JENKINS (The Automation Tool)

That’s right – I’m talking about Jenkins! I was put into a DevOps role unwillingly, but I ended up loving it and loving all aspects of CI/CD, and naturally, I had to start off with my love for Jenkins.

For thorough documentation and tutorials: https://www.jenkins.io

Link to tickets for The Millennial Summit that I will be speaking at and attending: https://millsummit.com/

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