Ep 16: Fix That Software Engineer Resume

IMPORTANT SHOW NOTE: In this episode I mentioned looking over resumes for free and also supplying a resume templates. Resume reviews can be scheduled through my Calend.ly https://calendly.com/jocelynharper, and the template will be available later on in the week! Sorry for any confusion.

If you are having a hard time getting a software engineering interview, there’s a HIGH chance that no one is finding you interesting through your resume. In this episode, I will discuss the tips and formatting that I use for my resume to get those interviews!

Also please note I recorded this before the Ravens got destroyed by the Titans. Please think of me in this difficult time.

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Ep 7: Software Engineer Interviews Are HARD

Coding interviews are hard… really hard! Let’s dive into why they are so hard and the resources that you will need to get through it.

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