That’s right – I’m talking about Jenkins! I was put into a DevOps role unwillingly, but I ended up loving it and loving all aspects of CI/CD, and naturally, I had to start off with my love for Jenkins.

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I talk about everything from time and stress management to how you need to get your social anxiety under control and go network! (Really. Go.)

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What Coding? Like It’s Hard? (Bootcamps) Coding is hard, but learning it isn’t as hard as most people think. In the first episode of Git Cute Podcast, we discussed the different ways that people tend to get into software engineer and technology, but a more in depth view of coding bootcamps were needed.

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Warning: Incoming ranting! With the second episode we are going B I G: Software Testing! Unit testing, integration testing, regression testing – you name it I talk about it.

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